Professional Technology Consultants Services


Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)

PTC consultants average over 20 years of professional experience. This includes the specification, design, development, deployment and life-cycle support of small and large systems alike in addition to supporting the system development of Office and Directorate level systems.

Architecture Development

PTC’s architecture development experience includes enterprise level architecting according to the C4ISR framework. This includes experience developing Operational, System, Technical and All views.

Systems Engineering Process Definition & Develop

PTC performs Systems Engineering Process definition/develop for the Federal Government. Our consultants have developed overall process frameworks consistent with ISO-15288, ISO-12207, CMMI and various Military Standards.

Software Engineering

PTC performs Software Engineering. Our focus is on OOA/D, Java and .Net development, Middleware development and Web technologies. Specifically, our software engineers have experience with UNIX/Linus and Microsoft operating systems; Java, .Net, XML, C, C++ and Assembly; scripting in Python, Perl and JavaScript; DBMS design and development utilizing Oracle, Sybase, Access, JDBC and ODBC; GUI and application development using Java Swing, WebMethods, J2EE, Portals, EJB, JSP’s, Servlets and Applets.

Program/Project Management

PTC professionals provide best practice services to help their clients achieve performance objectives. Our consultants have a reputation for providing high quality management and technical support to deliver innovative solutions on time, within budget, that exceed customer expectations. We use process oriented management techniques and adapt them to the needs/processes of our customers. We focus our efforts on the integration of leadership qualities and management responsibilities. PTC Program/Project Managers are members of the Program Management Institute (PMI). The Program/Project Management Services offered by PTC include: program evaluation (requirements management, WBS development, concept definition (CONOP development), process management and coordination), program leadership and coordination (of project personnel, support personnel (QA, CM, Risk Management, logistics, etc), project partners, etc.), training, schedule and budget creation and management, and the production and management of project reports, briefings and correspondence.

Training/User Assistance

PTC’s highly regarded professionals provide world-class training and user assistance experience to meet diverse client needs. PTC’s award winning team members design, develop, and implement online help, user assistance, and training materials that focus on user success and product usability.